Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plant geek: lilies

 When we first moved into our house, we knew that most of the yard and landscaping was a clean slate.  We understood that the builder who remodeled our 100 year old schoolhouse had taken out most of the plants and grass with the idea that whoever bought the place would need to start over. We were up for the challenge and yet, a little sad that some of the original plants might be lost.

We moved in during the month of July.  One day shortly after we were unpacked, we had some belladonna lilies or naked ladies pop up in the yard.  I happened to be the first out of the house that day and saw the surprise blooms.  When I went back into the house, I told my husband that we had some naked ladies in the yard.  He was a little surprised by that declaration and maybe a little disappointed that I was talking about a variety of flowers.  (The other scenario would have made for a better story!)

When I was growing up, my mom had some of these lilies in front of one of her apartments and I will always remember being introduced to them by her.  I really loved them and thought they made a nice bouquet - elegant and showy.

Today, I noticed that some naked ladies were again making their appearance.  I really love these blooms.
And, check out the blossom - amazing!

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Roxanne Galpin said...

a lovely little surprise!