Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Training Center

 August started fast and furious!  We left for a short trip to Colorado with a group from my husband's school.  We had three days - one day for driving and some touring, white water rafting on day two, and then driving home.

Our two vans pulled out of the school parking lot a little after 5 a.m. It was early, especially for high school students.  We did get to see an awesome Kansas sunrise behind us as as we drove west.

I rode in the "boys" van.  We had a full video gaming system and I certainly learned a lot about video games, even in the first 20 miles or so.  Our group was also musical and they sang a little ditty that is still in my head.

Our first stop was the Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs (save the two stops along the way for driving breaks).  We toured and shopped and learned about the athletes who train at this location - one of three in the country.
It was amazing to think about the dedication and hard work that is required to be an Olympian.  The tour felt  a little more meaningful since the Olympics were underway in London.  (I also gave the tour guide high marks, given my day job. She was humorous, kept the group together, used story well, rested us in the shade...well trained guide.)
 It is hard to tell, but the flame is lit over the visitor's center.
 I have always loved the motto.
 Even the views were inspiring!
After Colorado Springs, we headed even further west toward the cabin where we were staying.  Our cabin was near Mount Princeton and it was a perfect location.  There was no cell phone reception or internet connection, but a electricity and (hot) running water.  And, a tv to watch the Olympics together.  Everyone had a great time.
On the first morning, my husband and I took a walk together.  It was 40 degrees - a sharp contrast from the 95 degrees we have been waking up to (and then roasting through the day to highs well over 100 degrees).
And, it was beautiful!

More about our white water rafting adventure...coming soon!

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