Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When pigs fly...

On my drive home tonight, I had a chance (albeit distant) encounter with one of my favorite Kansas artists - Eric Abraham.

I was cruising down Highway 24 and I see this blue minivan ahead of me.  I think, "that van has clouds painted on it."  Then, I see the personalized license tag and realize it is Eric!

Eric's work first caught my eye at the Columbian Theatre, Museum and Art Center in Wamego.  I was in college and too poor to buy anything, yet totally fell in love with his ceramic art.

Years later, I was taking a weekend excursion while my husband was coaching at a track meet and found Eric's studio in Lucas, Kansas.  (If you have never been to Lucas, you have to go!  Stop by The Grassroots Art Center and be wowed by their hospitality. )  Eric was so gracious.  He gave me a tour of his studio and home in the old car dealership in town.  He was kind and generous and a real delight.  His van was parked out front and I had to take a picture...I mean how many minivans have flying pigs and clouds?  A true custom paint job.

When I see Eric's art, it is dream-like, fantastic, like a fairy tale.  I adore it.  He also does these great little ceramic flying pigs with outrageous accessories - I have one at my office near my computer.

I have always been partial to the phrase, "when pigs fly."  I love nay-sayers.  They kind of motivate me.  So, the flying pig is my adopted symbol for persistence and for believing in yourself.  You will find flying pigs in different forms and fashions around my office.

Seeing Eric behind the wheel of his van tonight was a perfect way to end my work day.

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