Wednesday, January 11, 2012

29 gifts: day ten

Today's gift is a donation to Kid Flicks.  This donation is really a win-win!

I sent several DVDs to this organization to be distributed to hospitals as an effort to have movies available for children and their families who are being treated at the hospital.  The flip-side of this donation was that I was able to give away movies we had at the house that we never watch...even as much as we loved the movie, we just never watched it!  I think this qualifies as clutter.

Started by a group of sisters in California, the organization collects kid-friendly movies and when they have 100 movies, they find a new hospital to receive the donation.  Their website read that as of January 4, 2012, Kid Flicks has donated 61,000 movies to 610 different hospitals in the United State and South Africa. You can read their story and learn about ways to donate at their website.

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