Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gypsy Gewelz

 My friend Lori is really amazing.  She is a jewelry designer, crafter, ag advocate, and graduate student (just to name some of her responsibilities).

We met for lunch this week to celebrate the new year and her final semester in graduate school, which requires her to relocate to her campus in Oklahoma.  We also made a trade.

As part of my cleaning and organizing at the house, I got real about one of my aspirational hobbies.  My husband got a ton of scrapbooking, crafting and jewelry making supplies from a Craigslist buy.  I loved all of it!  I was especially excited to be able to try my hand at jewelry making.  After nearly TWO years of storing it and not one piece of jewelry made, I decided to see if Lori could use any of it.  Since it was a huge bag full of stuff and I thought she might resist if I just gave it to her, I proposed a trade.  You know, a win-win.

I think I definitely got the better deal!  She gave me the choice of two necklaces from her great collection.  I am so excited to wear and enjoy them.

Please check out her offerings at her blog or Etsy store.  She also consigns and exhibits at craft fairs in the Manhattan area, so watch for Gypsy Gewelz.

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