Sunday, January 1, 2012

29 gifts: day four

The first gift for today was to call a relative who lives out of state.  It was great to hear about her new year's resolutions and just catch up.

The second gift was to make a donation to our local food bank, The Flinthills Breadbasket. I was inspired by a story in the Ode issue on giving.  The 93 Dollar Club was born when a woman discovered she was without her wallet in the grocery story checkout.  The lady in line behind her paid for her groceries, all $207 worth.  When the woman paid back the debt, she included 93 extra dollars and encouraged the woman who helped her to get a massage.  Instead, the good Samaritan posted a message on Facebook that asked her friends to make suggestions on how she should spend the money.  Her friends suggested she donate the money.

And, she did with a matching gift of another $93.  This act started a rush of $93 donations to food banks, generating more than $82,000 to fight hunger.

I love this story of one act of kindness creating a chain reaction of kindness; a relatively small gesture growing to a larger impact.  A lovely thought for a new year.

If you feel compelled to give, and the financial gift is not possible for you right now, most food banks appreciate donations of time as a volunteer or food donations.  Call your local food bank or check out their website to see what food items are most needed or how you might contribute your time, talents, and treasures to help feed our neighbors.

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