Friday, August 5, 2011

Photo to canvas

Inspired by a couple of blog posts, I was really curious about ordering a photo printed to canvas. A short time later, the daily Groupon was for Canvas on Demand. The deal seemed really good for a 16x20 wrapped print.

I chose the sunflower photo from Chicago last summer. This was taken at the Farmers Market after the morning rain shower.
I was uncertain about the choice of having the black edge or having the photo stretch all the way around. I am ok with the decision. If you have experience with ordering canvas and have advice before I try this again, please post!

As an aside, my husband gives me a bad time about Groupons. It's kind of embarrassing to suggest we eat at a restaurant or go to a store because, "I have a Groupon." I like saving money, so I get over it. But, I am feeling the same kind of embarrassment posting that I bought this with a Groupon. I got a great deal and am happy with the finished product. I think that means I'll get over it.

Now, if I can just make the decision about where to hang it...

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