Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet the new alpacas

We have two new residents at the farm. Just after we lost Wes, we had a call from some alpaca friends who had a male alpaca that needed a home. We were really happy to have a new boy for the farm and were really, really happy when they asked if we would take a second boy.

Everyone is getting along really well, even with the crazy hot temperatures. We have had to be extra vigilant about spraying down legs and bellies several times a day. The two new boys have especially dense fiber and they seem to feel the heat a bit more than the rest of the herd.
Kobe could be Scout's cousin. They have the same dark brown fiber. I think Kobe is a little more social and he likes to be first in line at the garden hose.
Chaccoyo is a proud boy. He is really camera shy, so I spend a lot of time walking around the pen trying to get a good picture. He keeps walking away and turning his back. Hmmmm. Guess I will have to set up camp in the pen when it is cooler. He has the best ears with long wispy hairs. Loads of personality!

Everyone is a muddy mess with all of the cool down sessions. When they need to scare off flies, they roll in the dirt. These dust baths create a really nice dirt coat and then when it is time for a cool off, it all turns to mud. We used to feel bad about our alpacas looking like a muddy mess until other alpacas friends commented on their animals being in a similar state.

Our eight mud balls seem to be doing ok - all of us are hoping for cooler temperatures.

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