Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A perfect weekend

This weekend Jeremy and I were so lucky to spend time with our dear friend, Tammy Jo. I met Tammy Jo when she was a student at K-State and we have kept in touch over the years. Jeremy got to know her better when she returned to help out with Wildcat Warm-up last summer.

We share a lot of interests in eating well, gardening, organic foods, vintage finds, baking/cooking, and more! We met up on Saturday to sample a little bit of everything.

Our first stop was Good JuJu, www.goodjujukc.com. This vintage store is my find of 2010! Great variety, great prices, and good people. We found some lovely glass blocks embellished with a stained glass design and some great antique spools in a galvanized bucket. Too cute!

We went to The Planters Seed and Spice Company, http://www.plantersseed.com/. They have an amazing selection of seeds, spices, tea, garden supplies, and a bunch of other stuff we could not even get through.

Dinner was at Jerusalem Cafe a Middle Eastern restaurant in Westport. Great portions, excellent food, and a really great time. Tammy Jo picked an excellent spot. We followed the delicious baklava with take out cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory on The Plaza.

The best part of the day was talking with Tammy Jo about her future and our shared interests. What a special day.

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