Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meet Joey

The latest addition to Prairie School Farms is a little golden retriever puppy named Joey. He was a Thanksgiving surprise from my husband. He has been a really good dog for us!
We had talked about getting a companion for Cy. Since we lost Rookie last spring, it has been an adjustment for Cy to be on his own. We found out that he is over 100 pounds!! The new puppy keeps him moving since they are in constant competition for the dog toys.
Joey is adjusting to being inside very well. We are adjusting to a new schedule of getting home to keep him on a feeding and bathroom schedule. We also have to puppy proof. One of my big shocks was seeing him with the laptop cord in his mouth pulled tight with the other end in the wall. He was pulling with all of his might and loving every second...
We enjoyed a huge snowfall, nearly 10 inches! Joey had a great time playing in the snow with Cy while Jeremy shoveled and shoveled. I told him he had to have moved a dump truck full of snow to free our vehicles from the garage, make a path out the drive way and to clear paths to all the animals. Joey fell asleep on the floor and snored all evening.
We look forward to warmer temperatures this weekend and the chance to get outside and get some more pictures of the snow.

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