Sunday, March 1, 2009

The stress!

We have had a very busy weekend with a lot of stress. On Friday night, Scout was not his usual self. Jeremy and I put all the animals in the barn and monitored him every 30 minutes until we went to bed. He seemed to be ok.

The following morning, he was laying down, but flat on his side. He did not take food. After calling some alpaca friends, we decided to call K-State. The vet on-call recommended we bring him in to be evaluated.

After some chaos in finding a trailer to borrow and driving half-way to pick up the trailer to remember that we had taken off the ball hitch from the back of the truck, we got on our way to K-State.

The Vet Med Teaching Hospital did an evaluation and thought it might be a hair ball or a mass in his digestive tract. The ultrasound did not show anything conclusive, so we agreed to an exploratory surgery. We had to put a down payment of $1,500 for them to begin the procedure. And, we were told to expect a call in about two hours.

Four and a half hours later, we called them. Scout made it through surgery, but what they found was not operable. He had an impacted colon - gross, I know. They thought the best way to proceed was to treat it medically through IV fluids and exercise.

We got to see him today. He looks ok, but we are still waiting anxiously to see if he'll make it.

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