Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Farm visitors

We were so pleased to have some farm visitors this Sunday. Danny and Glenna Titus from Wadena, MN came by the house. They have an alpaca farm, Tis The Season Alpacas, http://www.tistheseasonalpacas.com/. Their daughter is a student at K-State and would drive by our house for work deliveries. She called home to say that she had an alpaca farm on her route.

Danny and Glenna were down to visit and they took a drive out to our house to meet the boys. What a great family! We continue to be impressed by the alpaca community and their kindness.


Emma Ladoux said...

Oh, Emily, it was so much fun for Chad (home on Spring Break) and me to read all about you & your husband's alpacas in the newest K-Statement! I love their names especially! As a knitter, i was interested in the yarn, as well. I wish we lived closer together or i could see you more often -- it would be so much fun to teach you to knit. I think you would really enjoy it. I don't have a trip scheduled to Manhattan any time soon -- will you be in KC anytime that we could get together? I'm serious, it would be great!

Valeria Edwards
(my great grandmother was Emma Ladoux, and I just love that name, so I nabbed it when I set up the blog, but haven't done anything with the blog! someday soon....)

Prairie School Farms said...

Valeria, what a treat to see your comment on our blog! Our alpaca adventure has been just that - an adventure full of learning and great people.

I'll actually be in KC next week...maybe we can get together!