Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scout is home.

Scout was able to come back to the farm last week. We are so thankful for the great care at the Vet Med hospital and for all of the well wishes from our family and friends.
Scout is handling his daily medicine as best as can be expected. It is a two person job with one to hold and one to adminster. He is sporting a very interesting patchwork coat. He has the area on his side bare from the surgery and spots on his neck, leg and ear that were also sheared. He is behaving like his spirited self, so we are feeling better about things.
Shearing is tentatively April 14. We will have a motley crew with Wes and Magellan and Scout all looking non-traditional with crazy fiber. Magellan and Wes have been sheared like llamas; Scout has his recent health related issue...I guess we will just be good for a laugh.


jreese said...

Just saw an article in K-Statement about the alpacs on Prairie School Farms close to Westmoreland, and wondered if it is the place I drive by on Flush Road when I go to my place on Highway 99. My place is the one with the 1858 barn just north of Rock Creek and a bit north of the Oregon Trail Park on Hwy 99.
John Reese

Matt said...

Emily, glad to hear you a Jeremy are doing well and sounds like staying very busy. I caught the write up in the K-State Listserv. Hope, your alpaca continues to get better. Good luck and God bless.

Matt Dill