Friday, July 22, 2016

What do normal people do on a Sunday?

 We often ask ourselves, "What do normal people do on a Sunday?"

We think that they might watch golf or take a nap or go to the lake or read a book in the air conditioning.

Not us.

Nope. Not happening.

We decide that it is a great day to clean up the flower bed on the north side of the garage and to disassemble giant sections of reclaimed gym floor - in 90 plus degree temperatures with high humidity. A true sweat fest.

We rescued this gym flooring from a barn a few miles from our place. A couple was cleaning and organizing some items before their auction and Jeremy bought a few things from them. They also let us crawl through their barn to see if there were other treasures we would want to purchase. Near the back were these giant (and heavy) sections of gym floor from one of the schools in Olathe. We took a chance thinking we could reuse the solid wood slats for projects.
 The reclaimed wood is amazing! Jeremy has been able to reassemble it and use it for bases for signs and laser engraving.
The disassembling - not so amazing. A hammer, crowbar and grinder are required. Fun times on a Sunday afternoon!

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