Saturday, July 23, 2016

Plant geek: A perfect gift

 One of the best perks about owning Prairie School Farms is the great people that we meet.

Jeremy had listed a furniture piece earlier in the summer and a couple about our age came to the house to look at it for purchase. When I got home from work that night, he told me all about them. It seems that we might have meet our doubles - we had so many interests in common.

Fast forward to a second visit for a second furniture piece. When I got home from work this time, there was this sweet little teacup and saucer planted with succulents - a gift from the couple.

The deal is done - we have to be friends now! If you bring me a gift this perfect then I know it is meant to be.

This plant geek is sold!
This is where the plants found a home - under the cloche in our dining room.
I love this whole arrangement with photos of family and gifts from friends.

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