Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unexpected discovery - Holy Ghost Grotto

The road trip to Canada took us through a lot of beautiful farm country.  We quickly rolled through Kansas and Nebraska and enjoyed two stops in Iowa.  And, we still had miles to go before we could sleep.  Our plan was to stay in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Almost as soon as we rolled into Wisconsin, we found this amazing church in Dickeyville. We drove by the church and it wasn't so much the brick church, but what was beside it.

It was so amazing looking that we drove around the block and decided to stop and walk around. What caught our eye was the grotto.

We learned that the grotto was dedicated in 1930 and was a tribute to God and country.
Everywhere we looked, there was detail. Case in point, the fence and the flowers in the urn.
This was the view that first drew us to stop.  The visitor center was just the beginning.
The brochure told us that "six or seven truck loads of thirty tons each" were used to create the display.
Can you imagine the time and dedication to complete something of this magnitude?
I was especially fond of the little pops of color in some of the sections.  And I loved all of the plants!
Such artful use of color and texture.
Plus, that sky!  I could have taken photos of it all day long.
There were some sections that just really drove home the patriotic theme and I couldn't help but think about how much my mom would love this unusual display.
This was one of my favorite sections.  It was tucked behind the school.

That sky! It was a beautiful, peaceful little place to stop and stretch our legs.

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