Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Potosi Brewery

Our Canada adventures continued as we kept rolling across Wisconsin.

Before we left, my husband had tried to talk me into not planning ahead and just driving until we got tired.  I am not a big fan of not knowing where I am sleeping each night.  (Plus, I really like having a goal and trying to beat the GPS time.) We planned very carefully where we would end each day's driving, but we left to chance where we would eat.

When we were cruising across Wisconsin, we started the debate about stopping for dinner earlier or pushing through to LaCrosse.  A sign for the Potosi Brewery won us over.

We pulled off the highway and drove into a little town...and kept driving.  Just before I started to lose hope, we finally saw this great little set of shops, the brewery and a conference center.
The brewery is nestled next to a hillside and it made the most beautiful backdrop for the building and patio. This was the view that bordered the parking lot. I think this was a little cave or something.
The town felt like a little mountain town.  It was super long and at the edge of town, this little strip of shops came into view.
The brewery was just across the street.
The place was full of history about Potosi beer and the history of brewing in general.
It was nice and cool outside, so we walked through the restaurant, but chose to eat outside. (One of my favorite things!)
The view on the patio was spectacular.  They had a little stage where the host live music and a spring-fed pool.  I was driving, so I only had a little sip of the beer.  Though, my husband gave it high ratings.  The food was phenomenal - great prices and really delicious.

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