Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vintage finds, new treasures

 I am a sucker for vintage anything and am a big fan of buying little items that "speak to me."  Over the years, I have learned that when you see something you love and if you can justify the purchase, you should make the purchase.

My husband has started to know when to encourage me - mostly because he got tired of us leaving a little town and me telling him that we had to go back to get some little item or another.

I have picked up a few things over the summer and this early fall that have been added to our collections.

In our kitchen, we have a few food labels incorporated in different places.  On our way to a wedding this summer, we stopped in a little shop and I found the end of a wooden apple box that has been framed.  The label was in beautiful shape and the subject was Chelan View Washington Apples from Wenatchee, Washington.  I visited this great little town in college and loved the colors on the label - perfect for my kitchen.  Emotional and practical reasons to purchase, right?

In May, we traveled to Texas for my mom and I to participate in an adventure race and I found the photo of the little boy in full cowboy gear on a Shetland pony.  There were a few copies of this great photo in an antique store in Waxahachie, Texas.  This is the kind of souvenir that I really treasure.

Recently, I found the early primitive bowl and the sweet print of the peaches.  The print drew my attention because on the back it has a stamp for the Franklin Frame Company of Chicago.  It looks like a penciled in price for $1.51.  These finds were from Rerun Consignments in Council Grove.

And, two more finds from Rerun - the hymnal and the handmade pumpkin.  The hymnal is a beautiful old book with so much soul.  The cover has gorgeous color and artwork.  And, the pumpkin is made of hand dyed wool - very cute and perfect for the season.

While I have been carefully selecting new additions for the house, I have also been doing some cleaning and culling.  A little effort here and there has helped things feel refreshed before winter.

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