Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Home T

With a job on a college campus, I see many, many t-shirts in any given year.  Some of the designs are funny, some are inappropriate, and some are both.  And, some of the designs are simply awesome.  I count the Home. t's in this category.

I saw a student sporting one of these shirts several months ago and asked him about it.  He have me the quick version.

The Home T-shirt donates a portion of their profits to multiple sclerosis research.  They have a design for states and countries, all marked with "home."  You can get these awesome soft t's or baby onesies or tote bags.  I had to resist the tote bag because I have a weakness - a serious obsession with all shapes and sizes of totes, reusable shopping bags, and purses.

I love the t-shirt for the feel and fit and the awesome message of being proud of our often overlooked state.

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