Saturday, November 30, 2013

Prairie School Farms studio - a dream realized

 Today is the first day for our little studio space in the small town near where we live.  We have always wanted to own a little store and while our full-time jobs won't let us have store in the truest sense of the word, we can use this cute little building for a studio with a little retail space.

We were in town to drop off some yarn for our friend who is making some Christmas stockings for us.  She needed more yarn and we thought we would just deliver it over the weekend.  On the way back to the house, we noticed that this little building was for sale.  Since we had been weighing some options, including renting a storage unit, buying a space that could double for storage/working and could be open for sales looked like a great option.
 Last night we put together this sidewalk message board to welcome our friends and customers.
 We have loved decorating with these wine barrel ring spheres.  We have also loved our concrete planters - another one of my accidental collections.  We were hoping to have something to establish our entrance and the pair of planters looked right at home.
 My husband has a really great eye.  He designed our signs and painted them last night.
 We wanted to have a few things out in front of the store and decided that some of the recycled wood items would be a good fit (and hold up to the little bit of melting ice we still have left from the last winter weather).
 We installed barn wood from my family's farm on the focal point wall.  It is the perfect backdrop for my husband's signs.
 We made the 'joy' signs last night.  We had a lot of fun choosing colors and painting them together.
 Our little collection of glass and plastic ornaments (some vintage) are displayed on the wreath.
 This is a mix of all kinds of treasures - some jewelry, jars, a sign, vintage apothecary jars, maracas, and more.
 One of my favorite things in the shop right now is the vintage wagon we found at my family farm. It is perfect for a holiday display on someone's porch.
 We have two doors with chippy paint to display signs in one of our windows.  It is so much fun to see everything together.
We have an awesome bedroom set on display, along with a lot of cute smalls.  The "be full of joy" sign with the canning jar is super sweet and I can't wait to see who buys it.

Overall, we have had a great start to the day - friendly people and nice traffic.  We couldn't ask for a better start for out little space.

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Laura said...

This is so amazing! I had no idea things had grown this much for you all this fall-- I wish I could visit!!