Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventures in Kansas City

 Last Sunday we took a quick trip to Kansas City.  We had two things in mind - take in a Broadway show at the Music Hall and enjoy a lunch before the matinee.

The first stop was blanc burgers and bottles on The Plaza.  We had a Groupon (insert teasing from my husband).

We really loved this place.  The menu had so many items that sounded delicious and we had a hard time selecting the burgers we wanted to sample.  We settled on the bison and American Kobe and an order of onion rings.  They have house made pickles - super delicious!
When a table near us got their order, I was so excited to see that their sides were served in mini shopping carts.  Are you kidding me?!  Too cute!

We also chose two Mexican sodas from a whole list of options (hence the bottles part of the name).  They even serve my favorite - Izze soda.  This might be our new go-to restaurant in Kansas City.  We want to sample the truffle fries and I have at least two other burgers that are on the top of my list.
 After lunch, we made our way to the theater.  We had a frustrating time getting into the parking garage and I got high praise from my husband for keeping my cool - no horn honking or excessive gripping.  

The show was Les Mis and it was the first time for either of us to see it on stage.  Beautiful.  We had an awesome time and enjoyed every minute.

Seeing the show was a goal since I read Les Mis in high school English class.  After we finished the unit, our English teacher offer to let us have our copy.  We were, for some reason or another, phasing out that book or it was time to replace them.  I remember being one of the only (or the only) student who took the book when it was offered.  This, of course, matches my love of books, free things, and stories that are timeless.  (And, I am a nerd.) I still have my copy and think winter break might be a good time to curl up and get lost in Les Mis again.

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