Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Local

 One marvelous thing about traveling is that when I am not working and my schedule allows, I can explore.  Unfortunately, many times, my trips look the same - airport, hotel, venue, hotel, airport, home.  So, I count myself lucky to have an afternoon or evening free.

During my time in Minneapolis, I did get the chance to venture out - some out of necessity and some for fun.  I don't think you can be in Minneapolis and not visit a Target; it is their world headquarters.  My first trip to a Target was for the necessities - water and snacks.  My second trip was for presenting supplies - notecards and sticky notes.  These items are basics in any trainer's supply list.  I also felt like I checked a box of some sorts for all Twin Cities visitors.

On my last night in the city, my plans with a local alum fell through, but she had recommended a place a couple of blocks from my hotel.  I had walked by a couple of times earlier in my trip and thought it looked really interesting.  Her recommendation, the proximity to my hotel, and their awesome looking decor won me over.

The Local was everything my friend promised - great food and a great atmosphere.
It was just a little too chilly to eat outside.  Enjoying my meal on the patio might have put me over the edge; I love to eat outside in the city.

 The hanging baskets and arrangements in the urns along the street were spectacular.  I loved the autumn feel and the combination of natural materials was really, really cool.  And, did you see the colors on those chairs. Love.

The name told you a lot about what to expect on the menu - awesome, fresh, local ingredients.  I loved their customer service pledge, "Give every guest an experience so they cannot wait to come back!"  These people were truly after my heart.

 And then, the food arrived.  I ordered a great beer and wait for it...wait for it...the meatloaf!  I know!  I am one of those strange people that loves meatloaf.  It can be a risky choice in a restaurant, but I have rarely been disappointed.  My love of restaurant meatloaf was confirmed years ago by one of our favorite places.

  We have a great restaurant in town - the place everyone sends people for a "nice" dinner - Harry's.  I always recommend the meatloaf and people think I am insane.  Then, they order the meatloaf and they are converts.

This dinner was the perfect cap to this leg of my trip.

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