Monday, October 22, 2012


Last week marked my return to work after a long stretch of time on the road.  I was really excited to be back at the office and to begin to sort out some major changes and projects on the horizon.  A really funny thing happened on my way up the hill from the parking lot on Wednesday morning.

I had received a HUGE batch of paperwork that needed to be sorted into groups for response.  I took the paperwork home in the top of a copy paper box and spent Tuesday night watching tv with my husband and sorting papers.  I know, every girl's dream.

On the way to the office, I shouldered my customary multitude of bags and balanced the box of papers on my arm.  Deep in thought, I was trudging up the hill, thankful that for once the wind wasn't blowing.  I was just about halfway to the building when a man's voice jolted me out of my deep thinking.  It was a guy driving a van for a local newspaper; I am guessing he was finishing his campus deliveries for the morning.  He yelled, "Dooonnnnuuuutttssss!," as he drove by.

I THINK he must have mistaken the box of papers for donuts.  Still, I am so confused about why he would yell, "Dooonnnnuuuutttssss!," to a complete stranger.  Did he think I would wave him down and give him one?  Did my reputation of frequenting Varsity Donuts grow to the point where strangers driving newspaper vans know to watch for me?

Still confused.

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