Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Farewell to Magellan

We lost our Magellan or Old Man as I affectionately called him.  Magellan joined our farm in a pair of free alpacas in 2008.  He and Wes came to stay as a gift from an area family and he had grown to be a favorite among our herd.  
He was slow to warm up to us.  He must have really missed his old place because for months, he kept to himself and would stare out of the pen with is back to the rest of the herd.  His buddy, Wes, warmed up to everyone a little faster, but Magellan had a hard time.We lost Wes a year ago June and I feel a similar hurt settling in.

I got the call this morning while traveling for work.  God bless my husband for making tough calls with the utmost care and concern.  We are thankful for a quality teaching hospital nearby to help us when in need.

Farewell, Old Man Magellan.

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