Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kamoi paper tape

Fellow gift wrapping and crafting enthusiasts, you are going to love Kamoi paper adhesive tape.  I might be late to the game on this product, but I just discovered this in a catalog and thought it would be fun to have another option for holiday wrapping.

When it arrived, it was just as promised on the package.  "Washi" peels off easily, can be written on, cuts easily, is transparent, and has infinite applications.  This masking tape makes really cool accents on gifts and has been fun to experiment with during my wrapping this year.

The company began in Japan in the early 1920's manufacturing flypaper. Check out this page for a factory tour and to learn more about the mt series.

The colors in this package were pretty basic.  When I searched online, I found a ton of other patterns and colors available.

I think some purple might be in my future!

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

How fun, I'm sure this will only make your gift look more impressive!