Friday, December 30, 2011

Cool find: MandiMoo Designs iPad cover

Love, love, love this beautiful iPad cover.  It was a gift from some friends at work and I feel really honored that they thought of me.    The gorgeous bag is just the right size and the fabric and cute accent flower are just perfect!

Additional reasons I love this gift:

1.  It's practical.  I am reading a lot about gift giving and practical things or things that can be used up are getting some high marks in gifts that bring out good feelings in the recipient.  This concept seems to address the "no more stuff" movement.
2.  This iPad cover is designed and made by MandiMoo Designs and the talented woman behind MandiMoo is someone I know and admire.  She makes all sorts of great things.  Please check out her blog.
3.  The people who gave me this gift purchased from a local artist in a local venue.  I love to support creative people and local businesses.
4.  The liner for the bag is a recycled Target bag.  I love recycling!


Home on the Range Exchange said...

I really liked this one, all her items are great, but this is up there on the list.

MandiMoo said...

Thanks for the shout out! The funny thing is I remember the two girls who gifted this...they kept talking about their friend who loved handmade gifts and such...who knew they were talking about you! Small world!