Monday, November 21, 2011

May we all have a "finder of cool things"

My wish for you is to have at least one friend who is the "finder of cool things."  I have a friend who easily has the best taste and finds all of the fun stuff way before anyone else.  She wowed me again!

I came back to the office last week after a really LONG morning.  It was one of those experiences where you question everything - if you are in the right line of work, if you are cut out for "this," if you should rethink everything you have always known to be true, .... you get the idea!

On my desk is this beautifully wrapped gift with a note from my friend.  It was by birthday gift!  (We are both very busy professionals, so our gift giving is usually a bit off schedule.  I kind of like it - a surprise gift really makes twice the impact.)

Inside was a collection of my friend's favorite things.  This adorable plush pumpkin might be my favorite.  I have seen these pumpkins on blogs all fall long and I really, really wanted one.  I have never seen one so miniature and in purple and just sweet as all get out.  Love it!

And, this elegant Vera Bradley slim case with two awesome pens.  Perfect for finding pens in my bag and great motivation for personal note writing.

 Lovely soap.  Natural.  Great scent.  In the hexagon shape and I really, really love bees and the hexagon.  The packaging is biodegradable and promotes putting this bright yellow bag in a compost pile.
Feeling especially thankful for great friends, cool gifts and surprises.

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Laura said...

Lush products are the BEST. They have great solid shampoos and are the inventor of the bath bomb! There is a store in Kansas City, I love it- enjoy!