Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I married a basketball coach

There are many great things about being married to a basketball coach.  I love talking basketball and it is especially fun to talk basketball with someone who knows what he is talking about.

My husband's team is junior high girls.  Even though this isn't the most high profile sport at his school, he spends a lot of time and energy thinking about how to improve their skill and win some games.

His game plans and practice plans are legendary.  I love to hear him break down film.

Tuesday night was an especially big game.  It was a rematch with a team that had beaten them by 20 points earlier in the season.  The end result of the second match was a victory for my husband's team by two points!  He watch the game film on Wednesday night while I started prep work for the Thanksgiving feast.  It was so much fun listening to him from the other room.  I don't think anyone cares more.

I especially adore finding these "game plan" cards around the house.  Usually, these cards go from dress shirt pocket to a basket or counter top in the house.  I like to read them.  It makes me remember my own basketball playing days and the coaches that carried similar cards.  My own coaches were (are) good men who loved the game and cared about their players.  I learned a lot from them about the game and life...just like I know my husband's athletes learn from him.

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Home on the Range Exchange said...

I can hear him going over plays, I know what its like to be around a coach and it is definetly a different angle to the game.