Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A matched set

During Sunday morning chores, I took along my camera to try to catch a few small things around the farm. We get so busy, we forget to enjoy the everyday things.

When we first made the leap into chicken ownership, we were not sure what breeds to order.  I was set on getting bantam chickens (miniature or small variety) because they were so darn cute and their eggs are so darn cute, too!  We settled on some bantams and some regular sized Rhode Island Reds.

We ordered a straight run of bantams through a national hatchery which meant we were going to get a mix of male and female chickens completely left to chance. They were less expensive and gave us the variety in breed typed we wanted.  We ended up with several roosters that we farmed out to my dad who then gave them to someone near where he lived.  I am sure they were destined for the soup pot; a noble end to a good, comfortable life.

We did keep two roosters.  I really think those we kept are fantastic - great dramatic feathers and, for the most part, not too aggressive.  This little white and black pair always make me smile - a matched set, hen and rooster, with similar markings.  There is a buff pair - hen and rooster - that are pretty fantastic, too.

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