Monday, April 4, 2011

Ceramics after my heart

If you have not heard of Connie Norman, you are missing out on the work of a lovely and gifted artist. I first learned of Connie in an issue of Peaks and Plains on a flight to Denver. When I find something I love in a magazine, it usually results in some scribbled notes in a notebook and then when I have a chance, I do my favorite thing - learn all about it.

Nearly a year later - a year of wanting some of her work very badly - and following her on Facebook, I decided to e-mail and asked about some pieces. Here are two we commissioned and dearly love.

Notice the "I'M SO LUCKY" inscription around the rim. Sigh. I love the colors and the sentiment.
My favorite saying ever - "BELIEVE."

If you love her work, please go to her website and learn about this professor, artist and amazing woman. You will want some of her beautiful pieces and have you seen the salt and pepper shakers?!

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