Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Branded Burger Co. - Midlothian, Texas

 After our adventure race in Dallas, we ventured out to some little towns in search of some unique shopping and good food. We followed the recommendation of the friendly hotel front desk staffer who told us about a little town that led to a recommendation by someone at a small boutique that led to another little town and then to this restaurant - Branded Burger Co. in Midlothian, Texas.

There were so many things I loved about this place.
 They have an open kitchen and I really, really like places with open kitchens because I find food and creating delicious food really fascinating.  We actually ate a late lunch and the place was still crowded and the line was consistently busy cranking out tons of food.  We got to watch them press potatoes into french fries and saw their secret for getting the cheese melted just right on the burgers.
 I love soda made with cane sugar and this Boylan black cherry soda was the prefect compliment to my burger.
The cheeseburger was delicious.  I love all of the little details that make a good burger - shredded lettuce, a fresh bun, a burger cooked through, but not too done, melty cheese, and it has to hold together well.  I love that the bun is "branded."

We also tried the fried pies - a local treat and the perfect way to round out this meal.

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