Thursday, August 15, 2013

The rugs are here!

Our new rugs just arrived from the mill in Texas, Ingrid's Handwoven Rugs.  We are really excited to have our latest batch.  In addition to several smaller rugs (around 2' by 3'), we did a custom ordered 6' by 8' rug for a family friend.  We had never ordered a rug that large and are really happy with the results.  (She seems to be, too!)

This batch is all in brown tones with few flecks of black scattered throughout.  We also have a small number of rugs in various other designs from earlier orders.

These make great gifts!  I tell everyone that there is no better feeling than waking up and setting your feet on one of these rugs - super soft and durable.


michelle chamlee said...

Hi there - are your rugs for sale?

Prairie School Farms said...

Michelle, a much delayed response. Yes, the rugs are for sale. Let us know if you are interested.