Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite vintage finds from Chicago

 We are still sorting through all of our Chicago trip photos and finds.  I mentioned in a previous post that we enjoyed shopping at P.O.S.H.  We walked around and around this little store and I fell in love with so many things.

One item that captured our attention was a number of brown leather shoulder bags.  These new vintage bags were from the Czech Republic and were the perfect size for an iPad. Each were well-made, in great condition, and had all of these neat pockets and holders to organize all of your supplies.

I loved them and thought it would be a great item for back-to-school.

The tag in the store read:
Discovered in a military supply depot in the Czech Republic, these Cold War era map bags for the Czech Army are made of genuine leather and vinyl.  Sure to serve you well with its curious lock and key pocket.

 One rule on vacation is to buy things that are easy to pack.  When I picked up the marble rolling pin, I thought my husband was going to threaten to leave me and my heavy luggage in Chicago.  This was also a find at P.O.S.H..
 The price was right and I have always wanted a rolling pin from marble because it holds the "cold" well and keeps your pie crust at a cool temperature.  Wacky, I know.  But, the price was so right and though I am a terrible judge of weight (especially on suitcases), my husband is very good at estimating the weight.  He assured me we would not be over the weight limit.

 These are my dear postcard that we picked up at P.O.S.H.  Love it so much!
And, this.  I am not sure how to describe it...a reclaimed wood base with a metal lower and a brass with patina butterfly and someone carved bloom into the wood base.  Sounds strange, looks weird, but I love it so much.  It has a roachy (my word for rusty) and refined look.

We went to Andersonville on the recommendation of one of the kind ladies at P.O.S.H. (who did not call the police to report two people repeatedly visiting their store and drooling over items).  She said it was a short drive or a train ride to this little place with some great vintage and antique shopping.  We followed her directions and found some unique stores.  In the very back of this store full of tartan plaid, vintage camping and outdoor gear, and everything you could imagine in an awesome family cabin at the lake, was this little gem hanging on the wall.  I saw it and said I had to have it.

We gave it a prominent place near our bedroom door.
My favorite non-vintage find was this great t-shirt.  We found one in a little boutique near our hotel.  They are also available on Etsy (which is source of this photo).

Chicago never disappoints for great food and great shopping.

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