Saturday, May 4, 2013

Napa Valley adventures: di Rosa Gatehouse Gallery

On our last full day of spring break vacation, we drove back to San Fransisco via the Sonoma Highway.  Our guidebook gave the di Rosa art gallery/preserve rave reviews.  We thought the description sounded interesting and decided to take the tour.

We had a nice time.  Our tour guide was a hoot. She easily had to be 90 years old and was fully decked out with a well  coiffed hairdo, perfect make up and stylish clothes.  She gathered us for the tour and then took us behind the main building to load into the trolley for a trip to the main house.  The trolley was a converted cattle trailer with benches, pulled by an old pick up.  This little wisp of a woman jumped behind the wheel and expertly carted us to the next stop.

She was also a task master.  She would brief us on a portion of the exhibit, set a meeting spot and then give us time updates.  She would push us along and tell us there was more to see before we moved on to the next stop.  She also told my husband that he was "out of bounds" for walking an extra 10 yards down a path.  The meadow was not "on today's tour."

I had a lot of fun with the "out of bounds" phrase for the rest of the trip.  Anytime it was even remotely appropriate, I told my husband that he was "out of bounds."  I may have to resurrect that joke.

One of my favorite things was the peacocks on the grounds.  Our guide called them "pea fowl."  What amazing birds!  Check out the display - what a show.  Worth the price of admission.

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