Monday, May 27, 2013

Mother's Day project

For Mother's Day this year, we decided to have the cushions on my mom's porch swing redone.  We had given her this swing years ago to celebrate another Mother's Day.  Time, the sun, and elements had made the original cushions break down and we know that she really loves to read outside on her porch.

We called on MandiMoo Designs to make the replacement cushions.  She was awesome as usual!

We met her at the fabric store and she arrived with coupons in hand.  (We love it when someone helps us save money!)  My mom and I brought two dusty and rough looking cushions in a giant trash bag.  Mandi didn't even blink - she directed us to the outdoor fabrics and turned us loose to find the fabric.  My mom decided on the stripes.

We told Mandi that this was a Mother's Day gift, but there was no pressure to turn the cushions around in just a couple of weeks.  She was thankful, but then called just before Mother's Day to tell me that they were ready!

We finally made it over to help freshen up the porch swing with a new coat of spray paint.  We ran out of paint, but we have more paint at home and will try to get the second coat on soon.

We couldn't wait to put the cushions in place to see how it looked.

Everyone should have a MandiMoo Designs on call for sewing projects!

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