Friday, November 23, 2012

I am only a couple of seasons behind.

 Thanksgiving weekend marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season in our home.  We love to decorate our house for Christmas and the New Year holidays and we usually combine storing all of our fall decorations with putting up the tree and winter holiday trimmings.

In most years, I have the Halloween decorations already stored away by Thanksgiving.  Not this year.  Ghosts, goblins and witches stood guard over our Thanksgiving meal.  They had good company with our turkey decorations.  I just didn't take the time to tuck things away, even temporarily before company arrived.  Maybe next year?

I did want to share some super cute Halloween items I picked up on sale.  The terra cotta pumpkins were on my wishlist all fall.  I didn't want to pay full price, so they were on my watch list.  During each visit to one of our local grocery stores, my mom or I would do a price check.  The morning after Halloween, I found two on deep discount - score!  My mom called me a few days later to tell me that she had three more that she bought for $1 each!  Now, I have five of these little gems for next year.

The bottom is open so you can set the pumpkin over a tea light.  I think they will be great on our porch.

One of my favorite catalog and online retailers, Wisteria, had these awesome jewel-toned skulls in purple, green and orange.  These are miniature in size and perfect for a garland or hanging as ornaments on a tree branch.  I am thinking about how to display them - maybe tied with ribbon to barbed wire or attached to a grapevine wreath or garland?  We'll see.  I have a year (or so) to figure it out.  (And, they were only $4 for the set!)

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