Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fabric flowers

 Extra points for making something on the list!

I have wanted to try making fabric flowers for a long time and have been looking all kinds of different styles and techniques.

The opportunity to try this project presented itself when I needed an embellishment for two gifts.  They had to be mailed to the recipients which meant I needed something that could hold up in a padded mailer (and look cute).

I wondered if I could get fabric and hot glue to hold together, not to mention if I could get the twisting and arranging techniques to work.

The end result turned out pretty well.  I tested it out on my husband and he gave me high marks, so they made the cut to be put on the packages.

I used some washi tape to help create some lines to draw the eye to the rosette.  The photo doesn't show the faint stripe on the wrapping paper.  Overall, I was really excited to actually create something that has been on my list to try and I can only get better with more practice.
Extra, extra credit for using fabric scraps!

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