Sunday, October 2, 2011

Farm visit: Tiger Cubs

 On Saturday afternoon, we hosted the second farm visit of the day.  We had been promising several friends we would host groups and when considering calendars, it seemed like a good idea to host both groups in the same day.

Our second group was around 10 awesome Tiger Cubs from the area.  They had parents and siblings along, so it was one of our largest groups we have ever hosted.

We had a great time talking to them about alpacas and sharing information about the animals and the fiber they produce.  The kids had great questions and  were really, really good with the animals.  I loved hearing my husband talk to them.  He's a natural teacher and he made everything make sense for them.  He also has a gift for setting expectations in a way that is so respectful and clear.

They each got to lead an animal and feed them by hand.  We had so much fun hearing their reactions.

Thanks to my mom for being the photographer, handling the passing out of treats and helping with leading the animals.  She deserves a medal.

I think we all slept like rocks on Saturday night.  What a great day!

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