Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating for fall

I am conditioned that when we have company, we really clean house.  We really clean house - as in move the furniture, deep cleaning kind of clean the house.   We also begin to knock out things on the list we have put decorating for a holiday.

Since we had farm visits scheduled for last Saturday, I decided we were putting out fall decorations.  And, it happened!

The past couple of years we have bought pumpkins for the porch and that has been all we could muster for the fall.  This year, we got out the storage tub and put out our small stash of fall decor.  I love the fall and am so glad we made it happen.

I am convinced that hosting company may be a new strategy to be more productive at the house.  If only I can connect cleaning and painting the spare room (also known as the war room in this house) to having company over...

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