Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful. Good for you. Good for the planet.

I love soap - add in the fact these soaps are organic, packaged beautifully, and smell heavenly and it is a slam dunk.

These beautiful soaps from LEAP Organics are so wonderful that you will not even want to gift wrap them. The illustrations are works of art and the packaging is recyclable, recycled and made from renewable materials. It's really a win-win.

They were featured on Daily Grommet - one of my new favorite websites. If you love unique gifts and fun finds, Daily Grommet serves them up in your e-mail daily. They offer a video to demo the product or to talk about the features. I love hearing the story behind the stuff.

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Jeanne Connon said...

Hi Michelle - I really appreciate the shout out for Daily Grommet and the stories we tell. LEAP Organics is just one of those great companies you want to get behind, isn't it? Hope you'll shoot us a note if you come across other special products and businesses worth supporting. Enjoy your day!

Jeanne, Daily Grommet