Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spring flowers

Spring is winding down and I am just now getting my spring pictures organized.

We had beautiful spring flowers - irises, peonies, and a beautiful clementis!

We were so pleased that our peonies finally bloomed. We planted them years ago and was just about to give up on them. Finally, we had two bushes loaded with blooms! I thought they looked spectacular under great-great grandpa Heinrich's (Henry) and grandma Katarina's portraits. The black and white picture on the left is of my dad's family when he was around five. The cake plate on the right is great-great grandma Katarina by way of Cousin Betty.

These irises knocked my socks off! One day we went out into the yard to find this beautiful blossom with the purple edge. I couldn't help but bring the flowers inside to enjoy for a few days.
I am looking forward to my sunflowers shooting up some more and the black-eyed susans taking off. The summer flowers are always so much fun.

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