Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am learning to knit - finally!

My first knitting class was on Tuesday night at Wildflower Yarns and Knitwear in Manhattan. Kennita was a very patient teacher, as promised!
Our first project was a garter stitch head band (10.5 needles and a bulky weight yarn). I love the yarn - a pistachio 85% wool, 15%mohair.
I began as all thumbs and revealed myself as the class perfectionist - surprised, right? I started over a couple of times in class and pulled out several rows at home. Last night, I got on a roll and now I am stiching a row in the morning and a row at night for practice. I may have the longest headband in history!
Our next project will be a hat (8 needles and worsted weight yarn). I am so excited to have a finished project! We will finish our headband at the next class and start on the hat. Stay tuned!

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