Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Scrapbook finds

 One evening this summer, my dad brought us a treasure trove of finds from an auction. We unloaded his pick up and did a quick sort - what did we want to keep, sell, donate or toss. It was a mammoth task and we spent hours going through things.

In all of the boxes and piles, we found two scrapbooks.

Charming is the only word I can use to describe them. At first glance, I expected to find photos on the pages, but when we opened the first, we found...
 pages and pages of old advertising - display ads for every type of household item.
The illustrations were amazing and I loved reading the ad copy.
 The second scrapbook - I expected more of the same. But, with this one...
 it was filled with what I think is calendar art.
 And, this book also had some color advertising - maybe from magazines?
 The pages with the auto subject matter were some of my favorite and with great color, too!
 And, you have to love the farm and tractor scenes.
 And, the prize bull...

These are prefect for the history lover. I could look at these for days!

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