Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fabulous SugarPete Flea - Lyndon KS

Rounding our our show schedule for May was the Fabulous SugarPete Flea in Lyndon, Kansas. This was near my hometown, so we combined seeing family and decorating graves for Memorial Day with being a part of this new event.

Rain has been a theme for this spring and leading up to this show, we watched the weather very closely. We were able to get set up, despite some squishy ground. We packed up in phases - first all of the items that could soak up water when we anticipated a little storm, then all of our stuff before the next anticipated storm. We hated to leave early, but were glad we were packed up and headed home before the storms hit.

Melissa is planning to have the event next year and we look forward to seeing how it will grow!

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