Monday, April 27, 2015

The Red Barn Outdoor Market

 We had a great time as an exhibitor at The Red Barn Outdoor Market near Benton, Kansas.  It was a breezy, but beautiful day.

We arrived the night before for set up, but decided to not take our chances with the wind and possible thunderstorms.  We left our tent in the trailer and just set out our doors.  We thought we would be clever and "cover" our space with the doors, just in case it rained.  Thankfully, we had very little rain and no severe weather.

The morning was cool, but nice.  The sunrise made the most beautiful colors in the sky.  I love the picture in the top left - before everyone arrived and the field was full of tents and displays.

The crowd was really nice and we stayed busy all day. We also enjoyed some expert sign wrapping by my mom.  She also braved the lines at the food trucks to bring us some delicious lunch. We were so thankful for her help!

We have two more weekends of shows this month.  Needless to say, our suitcases and trailer are still packed!

I did want to show off these great cards made by box113.  We were lucky enough to be neighbors with them at the show.  Alison makes beautiful hand-lettered cards and they are packaged in the most tasteful and gift-worthy way.  She and her husband were awesome and I hope we get to see them at future shows.

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