Saturday, January 17, 2015

This rose smells like cheese...and other signs this might have been a long week

 This lovely rose was given to me at the grocery store.  I must have looked like I was having a long week (and I was) and the kind lady at the floral counter must have thought that giving me a rose would make it better (and it did).

This week has been one for the record books.  My husband has a bad cold that has caused him to lose his voice.  This is terribly inconvenient for a high school basketball coach who instructs through each game. (I wanted to say that he yells, but that sounded much too much like he is screaming at them to do better.  It truly is instructing and being positive.  It's kind of fun to watch.) This week has been about trying to get his voice back and him feeling better.

I also have the sniffles and work has offered the usual back to the semester chaos.  It's messy, but it's my mess and I am ok, but I am tired and kind of grumpy. 

We're just both peddling as fast as we can to try to keep up.

This morning I woke up, made breakfast, put two lasagnas in the oven for tonight and tried to get some things ready to take with me to the C-team basketball tournament.  It was a typical morning when we have a small window to get some things finished before we run out of the house.

I was moving my rose from the bedroom to the living room and I took a minute to smell it.  And, it smelled like cheese!  I thought, "Wow.  That's really weird.  This smells like cheese."  So, I took it to my husband (who is super congested and can't smell anything) and asked him if he thought it smelled like cheese.  His response was that something smelled like cheese. He was kind of non-committal about the rose smelling like cheese.

And, then it hit me.  The rose smelled like cheese because the whole house smelled like cheese because I was baking two lasagnas!

Just one more sign that it has been a long week.

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