Saturday, August 9, 2014

Vintage finds: treasure hunting

One of the best things about having booth space in a consignment store is that on an almost weekly basis, you have an excuse to shop for great vintage items.

This week we reset and expanded our space in Eclectic Charm in Manhattan.  After we had been drenched in a surprise (and much needed) rain shower and loaded and unpacked and set items and moved them and moved them again, we finally felt happy with the arrangement.

Then, it was time to browse!  We found some great item - my favorite might be the giant cloth American flag.  It is a little bigger than what we needed for a project for my brother and sister-in-law, but we might have another idea.  Our other finds were two small industrial tool caddies, a pressed tin box, cast iron fence finials, two costume jewelry pins, a wooden slat piece that is screaming to be a jewelry organizer and the really neat wooden etched Indian profile.

This week was hectic and stressful and I was short on sleep.  But, our time together on Wednesday night - setting up and shopping - was a definite high point.

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