Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Checking things off of lists

There is nothing better than checking something off of a list.

We stumbled onto a cowboy oil painting at Rerun Consignment in our favorite vendor's booth.  The painting was perfect for the kitchen and I loved the colors.  It was a beautifully painted canvas wrapped around cardboard!

Even though life was busy, it seemed like framing the painting before it was damaged was a good idea.

I took it to our new favorite frame shop, Candlewood Frame Shop. Once again, the experience was really wonderful.  First, they had a sale on their frames which allowed me to bring in a few extra items to take advantage of the discount.  Second, it was a delightful experience in picking out the frames and mats.  It can be really stressful to think about picking the "right" combination - perfectionist on overload.  However, I have only had good experiences and love the suggestions, often combinations or finishes that I would never consider.

So, in the end, I was able to frame the oil painting and that inspired me to frame the two western themed fruit labels we picked up in Oregon this spring.  I also had an Andrew Wyeth print that we framed.  The Wyeth print was part of a collection we picked up at a vintage store this winter.

Actually framing our purchases - check
Getting (most of) the framed art on the wall - check

The Wyeth print is still propped against a chair and I have a prairie photo we purchased in April that is also propped against a chair, so the list continues.

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