Monday, April 28, 2014

Vintage finds: backroads of Oregon

 Over the past few months, we have enjoyed several trips.  Over spring break, we returned to Oregon and had the chance to revisit some of our favorite stops from a trip we took in 2007.  We also found some great new places.

On a rainy afternoon, we stopped in a small town and found a bakery.  After enjoying a couple of cupcakes, we asked the staff about any good vintage shopping in the area.  We were directed to a small town a few miles away.

There, we discovered a two-level stop with so many treasures!  Some of my favorite finds are the sweet, primitive wooden wagon.  It has moveable wheels and the BEST color.  I am in love with the chippy-looking paint.  This found a home on my studio table to hold gift certificates and coupons.
 We found these two tin lunchboxes - one with a cowboy motif and the other with an American-Indian motif.  We first found the lunchbox with the red lid and I was pretty sure that I wanted to buy it, but was stuck on the price.  We decided to employ the "walk around" strategy to see if we still loved it after a little more shopping.
Then, we rounded a corner and found the brown lunchbox in another booth on the other side of the floor.  It has the child's name written on the top!  I was sold!

And, how could you leave one behind?  These are the perfect addition to our kitchen.


Home on the Range Exchange said...

I really like the western/cowboy lunch box. Good thing you didn't leave it behind.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lori! We couldn't leave it behind.