Sunday, May 22, 2011

Family photos

Sunday was a beautiful day! My husband's parents are celebrating 40 years of marriage this June and wanted the family to get together. My sister-in-law thought family photos would be a great idea. Calendars aligned for this weekend and we had a great day together.

My good friend, Lindsay, agreed to be our photographer. You can see some of her work and read her blog. She has a great eye and worked really hard to make us look good. Our niece was having a shy moment this morning and we had a hard time getting her to smile, though Lindsay tried!

We had lunch at our house and I was so happy to be able to cook for a crowd. I keep thinking that we need to have lots of kids, open a restaurant, or I should become a house cook for a fraternity...I love to cook for people! It brings together things I love - planning, food, and people.

Our menu: beef brisket from my dad's cows, funeral potatoes, creamy corn, bacon beans, mini cornbread muffins and the most heavenly cheese cakes from Deb's Cheesecakes.

The weather was perfect for the photos in the morning and for just sitting outside in the shade in the afternoon. We had a very good time and lots of good leftovers for the week.

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